User Experience

User Experience Role Specific Information

In the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) scheme, User Experience (UX) overlaps with the IAAP’s Designer role, so please refer to the Designer role-specific page for more information.

According to the IAAP, UX should:

  • Ensure content creation, delivery, and governance mechanisms support the requirements.
  • Ensure keyboard and non-visual access requirements are included in all design and behavior decisions.
  • Ensure prototypes incorporate accessibility requirements or include approximations for elements still being developed.

Inclusive Usability Testing

When you do usability testing with real humans, you will discover things that you never could with automated tools.

Accessibility can be considered a subset of general usability. Therefor, usability testing should include people with disabilities wherever possible.

User Research with People with Disabilities (Word document, 2.8 Mb, 11 pages). David Sloan. (2018, April 25). Sloan, the user research lead for The Paciello Group (TPG), explains how you can effectively conduct research with people with disabilities.

Inclusive Usability Testing (Slideshare, 68 slides). Adrian Roselli. (2018, April). Covers the additional setup and procedures you will need for usability testing with people with disabilities.

Tips for Conducting Usability Studies with Participants with Disabilities. Peter McNally. (2018, March 12). Smashing Magazine. He shares his lessons learned from real-world usability testing.

User Experience Design

Vital Accessibility Design Principles. Dashiel Neimark. (2018, April 30.) UX Matters. Adapting UX design principles for accessibility and inclusivity.
Designing for Our Future Selves. Paul Woodley. (2018, April 11.) Medium. Introduces an age-inclusive design heuristic: Attitude, Body, Cognition, Diversity.