Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Role Specific Information

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Refer also to the page Testing for Digital Accessibility.

  • What level of compliance should be covered in the test cases?
  • Were the wireframes tested and approved for accessibility compliance?
  • Were the designs tested and approved for accessibility compliance?
  • By association of the above 2 questions, which guidelines remain for the QA team to test?
  • What is the preferred desktop and mobile screen reader and browser combination to be used to test the experience?
  • Which automated tools should be used to test the experience?


things to think about
Automated testing vs. manual testing
Manual tests for WCAG compliance
Page-level automated testing
Site-wide automated testing
Manual testing at each project phase

Most Common Accessibility Issues
No visible focus indicator.
No mechanism to bypass blocks of content.
Animations that auto-play.
Inaccessible form design.
Inaccessible form error validation.
Skipped heading levels due to design constraints.
Tabular data is not accessible due to missing information.
Calendars are unusable with keyboard alone.
Carousels are unusable with keyboard alone.
Focus order is not logical and intuitive.
Contrast problems.

Quality Assurance Accessibility Checklist

Document accessibility test level and approach within the test plan.
Validate that wireframes and designs were reviewed during the user experience and visual design phases of the project.
If wireframes and designs were not reviewed, validate checklist items for FE dev, UX design, visual design, and writers.
Use automated tools to perform HTML validation check. Raise issues for invalid start/end tags, attribute markup, and duplicate IDs only.
Use automated tool to perform automated accessibility check. Raise issues for all errors only (not warnings).
Perform keyboard navigation check. Verify you can navigate and manipulate your form controls and multimedia presentations.
Using preferred desktop and mobile screen reader perform manual screen reader test. Verify that all content is accessible and intuitively read.
Verify that text is still legible when zoomed to 200% (use Firefox > Zoom text alone).

Manual Tests for Accessibility Conformance

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