Designer Role Specific Information

According to the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP), the Designer should:

  • Ensure needs for low-vision and colorblind users and users with cognitive issues are included in visual elements.

The IAAP uses a narrow role description focused on visual design. Please refer to the User Experience (UX) page and the Marketing (and content authoring) page for more design-related information.

Style Guides

A style guide is a set of standards for the writing and design of documents.

Mobile Accessibility Guidelines

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) mobile accessibility guidelines are available on the web. The BBC describes their standards as “a set of technology agnostic best practices for mobile web content, hybrid and native apps”.

I am particularly fond of the summary which categorizes the guidelines into audio & video, editorial, focus, and so forth.

Designing with Accessibility in Mind

It’s never too early to discuss accessibility issues. Here are a variety of articles regarding design and wireframing from an accessibility perspective.

Atomic Design

Brad Frost created atomic design as “a methodology for creating design systems.” As he puts it, “interfaces are made up of smaller components. This means we can break entire interfaces down into fundamental building blocks and work up from there. That’s the basic gist of atomic design.”

This doesn’t directly relate to accessibility but it’s still good information.